Jun 24, 2009

Tempera & oil
227× 158mm

Critical consideration

"The decadent / aestheticism" is boring in "fantasy expression".

It is the image that was already fixed, and there is not the expandability.
It may be to be an admiration to the traditional style beauty.

The subject like "the angel of a hurt beautiful girl" or "the devil of the good-looking boy" is boring.

The symbol is a language in the picture

There is a castle in the background of Homo sapiens sitting down on a chair, and why is the other side the sea?
Such a stage setting is a characteristic of a boring picture.

Relations of a character and the situation setting are important in the subject of the picture.

It constituted the relations that the stage and an actor were unique to succeed in a classic picture and surrealism.

When it unfolded in automatic writing, it is easy to become mythical.
This is suitable for the unique stage and the constitution of the object.

However, this methodology is not suitable for constitution of the (an allegory).

For example, a sumo wrestler does "a sumo wrestler's ceremonial entrance into the ring" on a pillar of entasis continuing to the horizon.
When I want to draw such a work, the automatic writing will not be suitable.

Possibly such subject is almost my experience.

1,Automatic writing.
2,An absurd allegory.

The problem of my picture production is this difference

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